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Jury Delivers $72 Million Award against Talcum Powder Maker

After less than five hours of deliberation following a three-week trial, a jury in St. Louis decided February 22 that health-care products maker Johnson & Johnson should pay $72 million in damages to the family of a 62-year-old woman who died in 2015 from ovarian cancer, which the plaintiffs argued was caused by decades-long use of J&J products containing talcum powder.

It was the first case in which a jury ordered J&J to pay damages linked to talc-bearing products – in this case Johnson’s Baby Powder, used by almost one in five American families, and Shower to Shower, a talc-based product marketed for feminine hygiene uses (J&J sold off the second brand in 2012).

The jury awarded $10 million in damages to compensate family members for the death of Jacqueline Fox.  Another $62 million was awarded as punitive damages; plaintiffs’ lawyers argued the company knew of, but failed to disclose, the potential cancer hazard.

Johnson & Johnson adamantly denies any link between its products and ovarian cancer. At trial, company lawyers argued that the cause of Ms. Fox’s cancer was unknown. A company spokeswoman says cosmetic talc’s safety is well-established by longstanding use and scientific research.

The world’s softest mineral, talc is used in a wide variety of consumer and construction products. In cosmetic products, it prevents chafing and rashes and absorbs moisture. It’s known to be hazardous when inhaled, and some talc products in the past were only minimally refined, and so might contain naturally-occurring asbestos fibers. J&J only uses talc of tested purity, but also offers alternative product formulations in which cornstarch substitutes for talc.

The American Cancer Society’s website notes “mixed results” from research on whether talcum powder use can lead to ovarian cancer, but also says there is “some suggestion” it may increase the risk, and advises women using powder in the area of their genitals to use cornstarch-based products. The World Health Organization’s International Agency for Research on Cancer similarly describes it as “possibly carcinogenic.” Studies of large groups of talc users have differed on whether there is an elevated risk of ovarian cancer.

In the U.S., the Center for Disease Control has never identified talc as a risk factor for ovarian cancer, and its use in personal-care products is also permitted in Canada, the European Union, and many other nations.

The St. Louis jury, however, appeared to have been persuaded by internal company documents, including one from a medical consultant who in 1997 advised Johnson & Johnson that denying the risk would be seen by the public as akin to denial of a link between smoking and cancer.

The jury foreperson called those documents “decisive” in persuading the jury J&J knew of a risk but refused to warn purchasers. She told reporters the company seemed to be “hiding something,” and could have easily adopted a label warning of the hazard.

For its part, J&J said the verdict contravened “decades of sound science” and will undoubtedly appeal. Even if the verdict stands, the size of the award will also be challenged. But with two large class-action cases already filed, and well over a thousand plaintiffs identified, the controversy over talcum powder’s possible link to ovarian cancer will not disappear from the nation’s courtrooms anytime soon.

Sacramento Car Accident

Injuries From A Car Accident In St Louis MO

Symptoms and Injuries You May Experience After a Car Accident in St Louis Missouri
Have you ever witnessed or experienced vehicle accident in St Louis, Missouri?  Did you immediately feel confusion, fear and disillusioned? Did you immediately contact a personal injury lawyer? Or, did you wait for a St Louis personal injury attorney to contact you? Either way, the chances of you or someone you love being involved in a car accident and needing medical and legal care is high.

According to the Missouri Highway Patrol, there were over 3,566 car accidents in 2008 and over 2000 car accidents per year resulting in death or serious injury.  One worrisome fact is that many people who are involved in an accident don’t even realize that they are hurt or injured afterwards. With this in mind, we’ve put together some symptoms and injuries you may experience after a vehicle accident. Symptoms that you may or may not even realize are serious enough to seek medical attention.

After an accident occurs, many physical injuries cannot be seen for hours or even days. Therefore, it is important to remain observant and listen to your body and get checked out right away.

The first symptom might be neck pain or shoulder stiffness. Neck pain may be noticeable in as little as a few minutes, or may show up after a few hours. The official term for this is whiplash. Whiplash can be detected on x-rays and other scans such as CTs or MRIs.

The second symptom would be the presence of a headache. Many times a headache can show up several days after the accident. It is critical to seek medical attention to rule out a concussion or serious brain injury.

The third symptom is back pain. Ligaments and muscles can be torn, or nerves may be damaged due to the impact. Lower back pain may occur from the motion of a rear or side impact.

The fourth symptom that can manifest in a collision is abdominal pain and bruising. Abdominal pain can indicate that there may be some type of internal bleeding, dizziness, nausea, or fainting. Abdominal injury and bruising must receive quick attention, as these can be life-threatening injuries.

If the fifth symptom, which is numbness, is experienced, there may be a loss of feeling in the hands, arms, or legs. If it is located in the arms and hands, this may indicate symptoms of whiplash. If the numbness occurs in the legs, it may be connected to the lower back.

The sixth symptom includes changes in function or personality. This can indicate serious brain damage. Look out for memory loss, inability to move, vision problems, and sudden changes in demeanor.

The seventh is Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). This condition can occur in a small accident or a major one. Flashback memories may be frequent. This can occur in adults and children. Sometimes the condition can make it hard for an individual to return to the road to drive again.

It is always advisable to seek a medical doctor after a vehicle accident has occurred. Any potential injuries can be assessed, and appropriate care can be administered in a reasonable amount of time. Also, if you seek legal representation or need to file suit, your Sacramento personal injury lawyer will have evidence of your injuries through processed medical reports.

In conclusion, accidents and injuries happen every day in St Louis Missouri, and although we do our best to avoid them, we must make very effort to pay attention to ourselves so that we can succeed on the path to healing after the mental or physical damage from a vehicle accident.

5 Things to do Immediately after being in a Car Accident in Jackson Mississippi

If you’ve been the victim of a car crash, you should take immediate action. It’s challenging to keep in mind all the things that should be done after a collision. However, knowing what to do in advance may be helpful to you. The key to getting through this difficult time may rest on the actions you take on the scene of the accident. If you need to take legal action against the other driver, you can rely on the expertise of a car accident lawyer in Jackson Mississippi to help you to do.

Determine injuries

The first thing you will want to do at this time is to determine the extent of the injuries to you and the other driver. It’s important to get immediate medical attention is this is necessary.

Doing this could help save another person’s life and allows both of you to have your injuries taken care of quickly.

Call the police

Regardless of the severity of the collision, it’s ideal to call the police. This will allow an accident report to be filed and the appropriate action taken.

Some people may want to forego this step and it’s unwise to do so. This could lead to many problems that may include not have the other driver legally charged if the accident was this person’s fault.

Additionally, by having a police report in hand before taking legal action with the assistance of your Jackson car accident lawyer, you will have the proof you need.

Exchange insurance information

It’s important to provide the other driver with your auto insurance information and to receive this person at the same time. You should be sure to get the phone number of the company, the company’s name and the agent in charge if at all possible.

This should be sufficient to allow you to file a claim and to attempt to be repaid for the damage to your car and any necessary medical costs, as well.

Take pictures

A picture truly does speak a thousand words, and this is sure to be the case when it comes to any car accident. There is no doubt that your Jackson car accident lawyer may agree that doing so could help prove your stance in the lawsuit.

Be sure to take some photographs of the damage to your car. You should also have another person take pictures of your injuries or do so yourself if you’re alone.

Check for witnesses

Take the time to see if any other people around the area may have seen the accident happen. Getting the names and number of witnesses are sure to come in handy if you need to file a lawsuit. These people could testify in court for you if this is necessary.

Dealing with a car collision is less than ideal. However, protecting yourself after this occurs could be the key to less stress and recovering your financial losses quickly. Be sure to consult with a Jackson, Mississippi car accident lawyer to provide you with legal assistance in this situation.