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Las Vegas Family Attorney For Divorce or Custody

A Nevada father of two young children wanted his divorce process to be as simple and quick as possible. He felt, for the sake of his daughters, it was the best thing to do. He agreed to what their mother asked; including that she be granted primary physical custody. He never even consulted an attorney.

The result? His children now live in another country, a 22-hour trip away. They are growing up without the love and attention of their father in their daily lives. His blind trust has cost both him and his daughters ongoing loss and pain.

Using the services of an experienced and skillful divorce attorney or child custody attorney isn’t just a good idea; it is an absolute necessity.

In Nevada the letter of the law favors joint custody. It is assumed that this is in the child’s best interests. The father in the example above should not have been shut out of his daughters’ lives. However, what should happen is not always what does happen.

This is where having a child custody attorney helps you negotiate the legal system is the best decision you could make. Many people assume that paying support automatically means you have visitation with your children. This is not the case. Child support and child custody or visitation are separate matters.

In the case of divorce, even if there are no children involved, hiring a divorce attorney to represent you is a wise decision.

In Nevada, parties in a divorce are allowed to represent themselves. However, they are expected to be as knowledgeable of the law as an attorney.

Even if you do not have children, there are many decisions to make concerning personal property, investments, retirement accounts and other financial matters. These matters can be quite complicated. Your attorney will help look out for your interests.

There are only three valid grounds for divorce in the state of Nevada.

  1. Spouses have lived separate and apart for one year without cohabiting.
  2. Insanity has existed for two years prior to the filing for divorce.

It is to be expected that dealing with divorce or child custody issues will cause great stress and concern. As you leave one stage of your life and prepare to move into the next, make sure you have the guidance of a skilled Las Vegas family law attorney who knows the intricate workings of the divorce and child custody legal system.

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